HOW IT WORKS provides K-12 & College Level Online Tutoring on a pay per minute basis. Find an Online Tutor you like, and tutor for as long as you need to. You pay for the time you spend tutoring and you will not have to pay for 1 hour if you only need 30 minutes.  Our online tutors are trained to make sure you leave with the best possible understanding of the topic.  With us, you are able to get the highest quality personal 1 on 1 tutoring from the convenience of your own home at a price that is competitive

Our tutors have their schedules posted in their profiles of when they will be available for live online tutoring. You are able to send a message to any tutor to help you decide which tutor to choose. You are able to talk to our tutors for free before you hire them to ascertain if their teaching style matches your learning style.


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How to Begin

Step 1: Create your free account

Step 2: Log in, and search for an online tutor that can help you

Step 3: Find a tutor that you like, and talk to him/her before starting the session for free

Step 4: Click the Funds tab at the top and upload as much money as you want

Step 5: In the tutors room, press the Start Session button to launch your private tutoring lesson




1: A broadband internet connection is a good idea because the online tutoring room is slightly bandwidth intensive.

2: We suggest that you use a webcam and a headset / mic combo during your online tutoring sessions. All of the tutors will have both. You can always type to your tutor and hear them speak. At no extra charge you can activate your cam and mic and talk to your tutor as if you were both on the phone.

online tutor webcamonline tutor headset


3: You can talk with an online tutor for as long as you want. Your tutoring session can last as long as 1 question or an hour, or longer.

4: Check to see if you have enough money uploaded to your account before beginning a tutoring session. You will avoid having to stop your session early to upload more money to continue.

5: The funds you upload into your account will never expire and you can have the unused funds refunded to you for up to 6 months after you upload them.

6: You can always request an appointment with a tutor. We will put you in contact with a tutor who can help you during a time which is most convenient for you.




When we say our tutors are on-demand, we mean it!

Login and you will see all the online and offline tutors. There are no complicated menus to go through. You can use our search boxes to narrow down your tutor search by subject. Find a tutor and join their room. Chat with them for a few minutes for free and then start your tutoring session. It's that simple.





You control the length of your session.   Use as little as 5 minutes or 50 minutes.  It's up to you.  Take as long as you need, our tutors are there to provide homework help, test prep, or language learning for as long as necessary. You will save money by only paying for the time you use, and not for a preset time block.





You are able to use your credit card to upload as much money as you want into your account.  The funds will automatically be deducted from your account as you receive your tutoring. 

All tutors have their availability posted in their profiles.  If you need a special time or day, then you can request an appointment and we will find a tutor to meet with you.  Feel free to message any tutor to work out a personalized tutoring schedule.    We offer the best online tutoring environment imaginable.  All of the benefits of a sit down tutoring session, we make available to you with our program.

2 Way - Text, Audio, Video, Whiteboard, and File Transfer




If you want to learn a new language or simply want to brush up on your speaking proficiency, then our expert foreign language tutors are perfect for you.  We understand that learning a new language can be difficult. We have hired specific tutors that are trained in conversational and developmental language learning.  Your tutor will speak to you and broadcast their webcam.  You will also be able to use your microphone and/or webcam if you want to during your session.  Having a live audio chat is the best way to master a new language.

Need to use special characters that aren't on your keyboard?

Use our online whiteboard to draw them with your tutor

We also offer Sign Language Tutoring. Every tutors profile will have a section that lets you know if they are fluent in sign language.




We tutor all major tests.  


If you are trying to get into college, graduate school, mba program, medical school, or law school, then we have expert tutors trained to help you prepare for one of the most important tests of your life.  Our test prep tutors have taken the tests and have reviewed them with many students.  They will use their extensive knowledge to help you refresh concepts or to better understand your test review material.


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