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What methods of communication does onlinetutor.net offer?


We offer communication via 2 way Text, Audio, Video, and a Live Online Whiteboard.


Is it possible to speak to one of your tutors on the phone?  I think this style of learning will help me better.


We do not offer phone tutoring, however we offer 2 way audio and video between you and your tutor. As long as you have a microphone or preferably a headset/microphone combo unit then you will be able to talk to your tutor. Even if you do not have a microphone, your tutor can still talk to you.


Are your tutors located in the United States, or are they working out of another country?


Part of what makes America great is our pride in our own workmanship.  We believe in giving back to the country which has given us so much.  For this reason, we look to hire tutors who are based in the USA.  We do not outsource our tutors so we can pay a substandard wage.  We pay our tutors a generous amount and are proud to hire United States residents and citizens. 


Does onlinetutor.net have an online whiteboard that I can use during a tutoring session?


Yes, There is an online whiteboard application that can be used between your and your tutor. Your tutor will provide you with a link. Just paste this link in a new window in your browser and you will have a private whiteboard viewable to both parties. With the whiteboard application, you will be able to draw with your mouse and add text and shapes.


Can I pick my tutor?


Yes, absolutely.  We understand that you might be happy with a particular tutor and we have a feature that allows you to save your tutor to your favorite tutors list so you can easily find them when you need help.


How does your online tutoring appointment system work?


If you are unable to find a tutor that is online when you are available then you might want to request an appointment. This request appointment form allows you to input your available times and the type of help you are looking for. We will find a tutor that can help you and set up a time that works for you.


Is it safe?


Yes, we prescreen all of our tutors with an extensive background and reference check.  No personal information is exchanged between the tutors and students.All important information you enter is secured by our server. Your personal information is completely safe and secure.


How much does it cost?


We bill our tutoring by the minute. Tutoring for all classes, test prep, and foreign languages costs 75 cents per minute which equals $45 per hour.


How qualified are your tutors?


We have strict guidelines for prospective tutors.  A strong educational and or teaching background is a must.  Our class and test prep tutors all hold at least a bachelors degree from a university in the USA. Typically the tutors often have a Masters degree, or a PhD. Many of our tutors have years of teaching and or tutoring experience. Our foreign language tutors have either completed a university degree in their language of choice or are a natural fluent speaker with a significant amount of prior teaching experience.




Is there a minimum amount of time I have to use?


Because we bill by the minute, the minimum amount of time that you can use in a tutoring session is 1 minute. Your session will last as long as you need it to. If you need to ask a quick question that takes only 5 minutes to answer it then you have completed a 5 minute tutoring session and that is not a problem.


How do I create an account?


Click the "Sign Up Now" button on the left side of any page to create your free onlinetutor.net account.


How do I connect to a tutor?


After you log into our site, you will be logged into our program and will be able to search through our tutors to find one who is online or offline that teaches the exact subject that you are looking for help in.


What are the rules?


No offensive language or behavior is allowed via audio and/or video.


Can I message a tutor?


Yes, after you log in you will be able to search for a tutor that can help you. There is a messaging feature built in that lets you send and receive messages from our tutors. If a tutor is online please ask them as many questions as you need to before you start your session, in order to make sure that they can help you in the specific area you need. If a tutor is offline, feel free to message them with the same qualifying questions and they will get back to you as soon as they can.


What is Free Chat?


Free Chat is simply a chat room that users can discuss with a tutor their specific needs and start a tutoring session.


Why are their several people in free chat with the same tutor?


When in Free Chat, multiple users are allowed to enter the room with the tutor. Until someone starts a tutoring session with the tutor, the tutor will answer any general qualifying questions from any of the users in the chat room. Once a tutoring session is started then only the person who started the session will be able to text,talk,and broadcast video with the tutor.


What are the system requirements?


Windows 98,ME,XP,Vista with 64 megs of ram.


I forgot my username


Email us at and we will email you your username to the registered email address.


I forgot my password


Click Here to go to our support page where you can have your password emailed to you.


My username and/or password does not work


Please wait a few minutes and retry your login information.  It is possible that your username and/or password was mistyped.


How do I add funds to my account?


Click the Funds link after you log in and you will be able to upload as much money as you want into your account for tutoring. 


What is a tutoring session summary?


This is a summary of your tutoring session.  You can view your previous sessions. You will see your tutor, time spent, money spent, and the date the session took place on. If you want to have a text log of your session, email us at

and we will email it to you. We are unable to send you copies of your audio and/or video chat session with the tutors.




When is customer service available?


Support via email is available 24/7.  Live chat is available throughout the day.


I am not satisfied with my tutoring session, what can I do about it?


Email us at   and we will review the session in question.  All valid claims will result in the used funds being credited back to your account.


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